The Joy of Cycling

Safe and relaxed on the Bicycle

Cycling can be a lot of fun. I love cruising along, riding to work, using it to run errands or otherwise incorporate it into my daily routine. I also have fun packing it up and taking her for a vacation ride to discover beautiful places.

But cycling can also cause stress. People honk at you, you get passed too closely, people tailgate you. I have tremendously learned from others on how to minimize these annoyances, how to ride more relaxed and safer through the city streets. I love to share this knowledge.
With these pages, I want to show how much cycling can be and that it is less dangerous than thought. Plus, with a few tips and tricks, you can ride more comfortable.

Cycling - the best pastime there is!

Safe AND relaxed - Basics

Taking a left turn - one time, I was passed by a motorist, despite having my arm extended to the left like crazy. It took me many years and a very good cycling class to figure out why this happened.

Bike Ed Classes

A bike ed class to help you ride through the city relaxed and safe. In nine hours you will learn basics as well as advanced tricks and tips - for example how to get passed with more space by motorists or that you get j´hinked at less often. These classes differ from other classes as they are done in the city, not in some industrial area or parking lot without traffic.

Cycling Passion

Cycling is my passion, in many ways. I enjoy my commutes or running errands by bike as much as love going out for a fast ride on my road bike. I value just riding into nature, even with bags for multiple days. I don't shy away from carrying a washing mashine or moving by bicycle.


In this blog I post about everything bike related, from touring to riding as a sport - but the focus is on cycling safety and day to day riding.
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